Kate Hollowood


Kate’s lamps do much more then illuminating the room. They create a visual focal point that you are drawn to. Kate’s lamps are disco and cozy and they play with light and shadow in a way that transforms any house into a home and makes it complete. I bought mine last year four our lounge and I am so happy. It is one of the most beautiful items I own and the day ends well when I can enjoy it in Kate’s sparkles of light.

Ulrike, Leamington Spa, UK

Just finished refurbing the house and was looking for a unique floor lamp.   Kate’s lamp fits the bill completely - lots of colour options, great value for money (remember they’re handmade) and of course unique.  After playing with a number of different bulbs the lamp leaves a glow of speckles across the walls and ceiling.  The lamp looks good both in the day and at night and people always pass comment.

Peter, Grimsby, UK

I fell in love with Kate's unique lampshades and I couldn't resist getting one for our lounge.

Virtually all our guests always ask where we got it from and are fascinated by it as its such a striking yet subtle piece. 

It's more than a lampshade, it's a piece of furniture.

I wish I could have Kate's shades in every room in the house!

Mandy - Braunston, UK

Kate, thank you so much for my amazing lampshade. I am so delighted with it! Your attention to detail and particularly my specific Pantone brief really has created a beautiful and original piece of 'lampshade Art'

I will certainly be in touch to engage further commissions

George, Birmingham, UK

What a beautiful and highly original lamp. It lights up our living room with a soft speckled orange glow. Just beautiful! 

* * * * *

Karen, Abu Dhabi

We've had two light shades off Katie now. We couldn't be happier with them. We have a large light shade and a floor standing lamp. We love the fact that they are bespoke and we were able to pick the size and colour to suite the rooms we chose them for. They literally change the dynamics of the room with the coloured shards of light spraying out from the shades. People always ask where we got them from. We highly recommended Katie for these bespoke light shades.

Stef, Chapter Clothing, Leamington Spa, UK

Thrilled with my lampshades, I've just renovated my house and these gorgeous shades add a contemporary feel. I picked an oversized shade for my sitting room and worried that it would be too big but it looks stunning. Lots of admiring comments and interest from friends as they are so different. I love the fact they are handcrafted, very happy with them.

Gill Green, Warwick, UK